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Caught On The Hop Zine

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Limited run A5 64 page Zine 

Includes all of the portraits from my 2014 photography project shot on 35mm film spotlighting influential women actively involved in the New Zealand beer industry.

"Even with the craft beer revolution shaking up preconceptions of beer and out dated stereotypes of beer drinkers it still seems to still be closely associated with the male of the species. Stereotypes are unavoidable. But they don’t have to stay the same. Beer hasn’t always been a man’s world. In ancient times women were the ones that brewed the beer. There was an array of Beer Goddesses in many ancient civilisations. Women are an integral part of the history of beer and, despite certain stereotypes, still play a huge role in the beer industry today. Personally, I feel women are under represented in the beer world. The intention of this photography project is to spotlight women in the up and coming craft beer scene in New Zealand.This project was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase and development of 35mm film."

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