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Nicci Peet

Craft Beer Rising 2019

This year I’ve photographed a beer festival almost every month so far which is pretty crazy! It all started with Craft Beer Rising back in February. The organisers kindly asked me to exhibit my Diversity In Beer Project as well as spend the Friday photographing the festival. Photographing events and festivals is one of my favourite jobs and little did I know this was the beginning of a bit of a festival photography streak!

I remember going to the first ever Craft Beer Rising and I’ve gone intermittently since. Its been a real joy to see how the festival has evolved and changed. Personally I think this year was one of the better years. They changed around the layout which really helped the festival flow, which I felt it lacked a bit last year. It can feel like a bit more a “mainstream” beer festival as it does have a few big sponsors but I don’t always think thats a bad thing. Everyone who gets into beer starts somewhere and generally with more well known brands.