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Nicci Peet

Crumbs Award Winners 2019!

Earlier this month Crumbs held their annual awards at Bristol Old Vic. Shamefully I’ve never been. This year I had all the good intentions to attend but ended up at IndyMan instead. Despite missing out on the fun of then event itself, and I heard some wild stories, I was asked to photograph all of the winners! With the winners being spread out all over Bristol this took quite a bit of planning to get everyone photographed as I was on quite a tight deadline. As much as I love print media the deadlines are always set in stone with little room to budge as everything needs to be designed, signed off and sent to print. With some strategic planning and shooting on the morning of the 5pm deadline I managed to capture all the winners in time!

They were obviously cut down for the print issue of Crumbs but you can see the full set above, or on my Recent Commissions page