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Nicci Peet

IndyMan 2019 and some thoughts

On Thursday and Friday I was lucky enough to go to my first IndyMan and it was a blast. I drank a lot, but not nearly all, the great beer on offer. Hung out with some of the Crafty Beer Girls. Poured (and drank) many thirds of OverWorks and by proximity Track & By The River. Met some lovely people. Had an all round good time.  I Wish I could have stayed longer and hang out in the absolute belter of a city that is Manchester and see all the people I missed, but its my Mum’s birthday weekend so I had to head back down South. 

 If I’m working at a festival and I’m there multiple days I only every really have one big drinking day and I’d decided that was Friday. Thursday I’d been up since 5:30am and spent most of the Thursday session serving on the OverWorks bar. Friday I’d intended to drink a lot of beer and hang out after the festival late into the night but this time I just wasn’t feeling excessive drinking. I still tasted a lot of bloody good beer but only had one pint at Port Street Beer House and went back to the Air BnB once it shut. I still had a great time but woke up sans hangover. 

I’m not here to sound preachy because I can guarantee that I’ll drink to excess sometime in the future but this year I’ve been more conscious of my drinking and was just nice to experience a festival in a different way. Anyway, I had a great time and I’ll definitely be back! 

TL;DR - didn’t get really drunk at a beer festival and still had a good time.