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Nicci Peet

Monthly Moodboard #1

In an effort to keep creative I’ve set myself the task to make a monthly moodboard. Even though I have a general inspiration board on Pinterest I thought it’d be interesting to build one every month to see how what inspires me changes and whether it spill into my work. This month the board is very clean and crisp. Lots of whites and sunlight despite it being the turn between Autumn and Winter. There are also a lot of candid style shots which is something I miss doing. Before I was full time freelance I made much more of an effort to photograph most days, just mundane things but more for fun. My degree is in Photojournalism and documentary photograph has always been a big influence of mine. Its not something I’ve done much in the past couple of months, apart from beer festivals, so maybe its my subconscious telling me to get back into documentary style photography. Its integral to grow and change as a creative, but also important not to forget your routes. 

You can check out my November moodboard here.