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Nicci Peet

Old Rolls #1

I currently have 8 rolls of undeveloped film sat in front of me, and thats after getting three of them developed. Getting film processed is always exciting. Anticipating how your photos came out, if they came out at all. This just adds an extra level of excitement as I have no idea when or where these rolls were taken! I want to share these small surprises with you as I get each roll processed.

First up: a trip to the Left Handed Giant Taproom with friends. I remember taking my camera along with a flash someone had bought me years ago that I’m pretty sure was made in the 70s. I’d never used it and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately it didn’t work but I did get some nice shots before it got dark. I would love to tell you when these were taken but as my film camera is fully mechanical I have no idea and I’m not organised enough to write it on the film roll. If I’m right I think it was some time last year? But I also have an inkling it could be late 2016? When did LHG taproom even open? I know Mission Pizza were there….