Pinterest & Planning

When I was younger I used to love collaging and making mood boards. I’d spend hours cutting out images from magazines and sticking them down in sketch books, making a mess of the living room floor in the process. This is something that I’ve continued on into my photography practice to this day, although not quite in exactly the same method. Nowadays I create mood boards on Pinterest. This may not be quite as fun as sprawling over magazine and pritt stick but it is an integral part of my planning process for most of my shoots.

Once I’ve had a chat with a client to get an idea of what they want from a shoot and have a general outline of a job I jump straight onto to Pinterest and start looking for inspiration. This is as much for the client as it is for me as I usually send them the board I created to make sure that I’ve grasped their concept. I always explain that by no means will the photos be copies of what is on the board but more of a theme and feeling. It helps ensure that our visions for the shoot are in line and I deliver exactly what the client is after.

It is such a useful tool in more ways that planning a shoot and visually communicating ideas with clients. I also use it to gather ideas for lighting I’d love to try, shoot ideas and general creative inspiration. I’ve also found some really visually inspiring brands through Pinterest such as Madre Mezcal (I’d suggest checking out the page on Land, the design agency), Calidad Cerveza and Capi Soda. They’re all brands that have developed a strong visual style, created a concept and are absolutely nailing it.

You can see what is inspiring me right now over on my “Inspo” pin board:

Writing this blog has actually inspired me to get back into real life mood boarding and collaging so maybe I’ll share a start to finish planning process of an upcoming shoot. It’s good to keep creative. 

Old Fashioned Week

Its Old Fashioned Week so what better time to share some recent photos of Old Fashioneds I’ve taken for Filthy XIII and HMSS. I’m not going to lie, an Old Fashioned isn’t my favourite cocktails but it is iconic and beautiful to photograph. 

When I was thinking of writing this post I did a bit of research on the history of Old Fashioneds and they’ve been around since the mid to late 1800s! I would regurgitate it all but Jeremy Glass does it a lot better here.

Crumbs Award Winners 2019!

Earlier this month Crumbs held their annual awards at Bristol Old Vic. Shamefully I’ve never been. This year I had all the good intentions to attend but ended up at IndyMan instead. Despite missing out on the fun of then event itself, and I heard some wild stories, I was asked to photograph all of the winners! With the winners being spread out all over Bristol this took quite a bit of planning to get everyone photographed as I was on quite a tight deadline. As much as I love print media the deadlines are always set in stone with little room to budge as everything needs to be designed, signed off and sent to print. With some strategic planning and shooting on the morning of the 5pm deadline I managed to capture all the winners in time!

They were obviously cut down for the print issue of Crumbs but you can see the full set above, or on my Recent Commissions page 

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