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Nicci Peet


We can all agree is this is a weird time to be living through and everyone copes in different ways. I’ve been coping by reading, getting back into painting and generally shirking responsibilities. But I do want to use this time creatively and make sure I keep picking up my camera so I’ve decided to create daily photo blogs. They’re not going to be too exciting with being limited to one outside activity a day but I’ll try my best. 

When I was recovering from heart surgery (almost ten years ago!) I was limited to two to three walks a day with the time and distance going up incrementally. When I was finally able to venture out of my Mum’s garden, as the walks started with me only being allowed to active for 5 minutes at a time,  I used photography to process recovery and give me a bit of an escape. In a similar way I’m using it now to process this pandemic. Back then I got a bit obsessed with photographing clouds, I’m not sure why, this time seems like I’m being drawn to light. 

Incorporating Inspiration

Last month I took a lot of inspiration from high flash fashion photography and was eager to try and incorporate it into a shoot. Last week I was at Deya to photograph some cans and their new brewery and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this out. As much as I love photographing at breweries its always good to mix things up and try new things so not to let your work get stale and keep interested. I really enjoyed trying something a bit different and I’m happy with how the photos came out.

First, here’s what was inspiring me:

Now heres what I photographed at Deya: