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Nicci Peet

Monthly Moodboard #2

I went to look on my Pinterest to post my December monthly moodboard but it only had one pin so I decided to skip that one. Instead I’m posting January’s up early because it is a VIBE. If everything goes to plan I’m hoping to produce some content inspired by it. Trying to use my downtime in January wisely.

Check it out here.

End Of A Year

Time flies. I looked to see when I last posted a blog and it was a whole month ago! I got into a good stride wth posting regularly but December knocked me off course. The beginning of January has been predictably quiet and instead of frantically worrying about it like I have the past few years this time I’ve made the most of the downtime by relaxing and refuelling; yoga, running, trips to the botanical gardens, joining the library and reading. But now I’m getting back into the swing of work. Yes, I know its mid January but I haven’t posted my look back at 2019 on here yet. I put together an IG story featuring some of my favourite shoots so I though I’d share them here. 

Mainly I’d like to shout out all my clients that booked me and allowed me to be creative. 2019 was a great year for me professionally and if that continues into 2020 then I’ll be a happy bunny.

(Sorry for the upcoming low quality images)

January I shot Jonny and Matt, the Pellicle founders. They’re great guys with a great publication that I was lucky enough to work for a couple of time throughout 2019. I also got to shoot some fresh content for Two Belly, by far the best cheese shop in Bristol.  

February  Craft Beer Rising exhibited my Diversity in Beer Project as well as inviting me to shoot the festival which kicked off the first of many beer festivals I got to photograph last year. Juno in Bath also got me in photograph some of their tasty pizzas and burgers.

March saw another beer festival, this time Indie Beer Feast, a stella smaller festival in Sheffield. I also went to Portishead for Food & Drink Guides.

April I was invited by Lily to photograph the first ever Queer Brewing Project collab beer at Affinity Brew Co, which was pretty fucking cool. Another fun job was shooting some promo for We Are Beer ahead of Bristol Craft Beer Festival. Starward whiskey had teamed up with Wiper & True to barrel age a beer for the festival. 

May onwards is where things begin to ramp up. I travelled to Harrogate to shoot Women On Tap Festival, Cheltenham to do images for Deya’s website revamp and Birmingham to visit Burning Soul for my first article in Pellicle

June was the month I stepped out of my comfort zone and did some work at Bristol Royal Infirmary for Above & Beyond charity. Although I feel relatively at home in a hospital thanks to a life long heart condition, I’ve never photographed in one. It was truly a special experience to work with a company that supports the NHS because the NHS has saved my life multiple times. I also went back to Deya to shoot some more content for their web store AND shot Bristol Craft Beer Festival which I’m honoured to be invited back to each year.

July was another busy month and another beer festival. This time Little Summer Beer Bash at Deya. Two Belly asked to photograph their Beer & Oysters night, Crumbs got me in to do a House call and I got asked to photograph the Summer Ball held for all of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments in NHS hospitals across the Bristol area. That Summer Ball was almost more fun than Little Summer Beer Bash, nurses and doctors know how to let their hair down. 

August  was another month where I broke out of my comfort zone and dipped my toe into photographing cocktails at Filthy XIII. I can’t thank Ben enough for teaching me some of what there is to know about cocktails and how to make them look good. August also saw my second article for Pellicle, this time about Roger Wilkins and Wilkins Cider here in Somerset. Finally The American Brewer’s Association asked to photograph a press event in London. Beer events, any events are always something I enjoy and was brilliant to work with such a notable association.

September was the month of repeat clients. I am forever grateful for those that ask me back to do other jobs. It means they’re happy with my work with is a tonic when you regularly experience imposter syndrome. Filthy XIII got me back for more content photography, Deya launched their first sour beer and Above & Beyond set off for their cycle to Paris. 

October saw some more repeat clients. First up, Crumbs who asked me shoot their Annual Crumbs Awards winners which saw me buzzing around Bristol. Finally someone asked me to produce some spooky content so shout out Filthy XIII and HMSS.

November was a great month. Cloudwater asked me  to come and create some content for them over two days and really let me take it any direction I wanted. I can’t thank Paul enough for inviting me up to Manchester. I also got to work with William Grant & Sons creating some content for cocktail bars across Bristol and Bath featuring Monkey Shoulder which was bloody fun.

December, last but by no means least. (If you’ve made it this far well done.) Above and Beyond asked me to photograph their charity Christmas Carol Concert at Bristol Cathedral which was an honour. It happened the night of the general election which was emotional as it was but some of the speeches at the event pushed me over the edge. Two Belly gave me a lot of creative leeway producing content for their new website and The Square Club got me back for the second year to snap their NYE extravaganza. 

All in all a pretty epic year. Here’s hoping 2020 is a good to me as 2019. 


(Also bonus points if you get the band reference in the title)


I haven’t shared this on my blog yet but a couple of weeks go my Diversity in Beer project was shared on Vice which is a MASSIVE achievement for me. Exposure like this was what I ultimately wanted for the project, to reach a wider audience and help encourage more people into the world of beer. Visual representation is so important and it was pretty serendipitous that this article was published on the same day I was shooting promo for Cloudwater with a trans man and woman of colour as models. 

You can read the article here.