Bristol Craft Beer Festival

My FOURTH beer festival of the year was Bristol Craft Beer Festival which is always a highlight for me. I’ve attended and photographed every year since they began and am always happy when the organisers, We Are Beer, invited me back. I’m biased but its always a highlight in the Bristol beer scene each year and I’m already looking forward to the next.

Brewdog Overworks/Two Belly

Leading up to Bristol Craft Beer Festival in June this year there were so many great events in the week before the festival. Brewdog OverWorks held a beer and cheese matching night at Two Belly (one of my favourite beery spots in Bristol) and I was lucky enough to get to photograph the event. Event photography is my jam, especially when they include beer and cheese……and getting to taste along with the guests.

Indie Beer Feast

My second beer festival of the year was Indie Beer Feast in Sheffield. It was my first time attending and I would definitely go again. The venue was pretty unusual for a beer festival with it being held in an auditorium but that meant there were seats and boy can I tell you I never realised how great seats were at beer festivals until then.

Indie Beer Feast also kicked off Sheffield Beer Week 2019 so I hung around as I had a joint exhibition up with the legend that is Mark Newton, a fellow photographer I really look up to.

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