Old Fashioned Week

Its Old Fashioned Week so what better time to share some recent photos of Old Fashioneds I’ve taken for Filthy XIII and HMSS. I’m not going to lie, an Old Fashioned isn’t my favourite cocktails but it is iconic and beautiful to photograph. 

When I was thinking of writing this post I did a bit of research on the history of Old Fashioneds and they’ve been around since the mid to late 1800s! I would regurgitate it all but Jeremy Glass does it a lot better here.

Crumbs Award Winners 2019!

Earlier this month Crumbs held their annual awards at Bristol Old Vic. Shamefully I’ve never been. This year I had all the good intentions to attend but ended up at IndyMan instead. Despite missing out on the fun of then event itself, and I heard some wild stories, I was asked to photograph all of the winners! With the winners being spread out all over Bristol this took quite a bit of planning to get everyone photographed as I was on quite a tight deadline. As much as I love print media the deadlines are always set in stone with little room to budge as everything needs to be designed, signed off and sent to print. With some strategic planning and shooting on the morning of the 5pm deadline I managed to capture all the winners in time!

They were obviously cut down for the print issue of Crumbs but you can see the full set above, or on my Recent Commissions page 

Looking back to Summer and the O&G Ball

With summer well and truly done and Autumn in full swing I thought it would be fun to have a look back to some of the events I covered whilst the sun was still shining post 6pm. Photographing events are some of my favourite jobs and the O&G Summer Ball was probably my favourite this summer. We all know the stereotype of doctors and nurses knowing how to party, and I can confirm that they definitely do!

The ball was held for all of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments from NHS hospitals across the South West at Kings Western House which is a beautiful venue. The sun held out all evening and there was a stunning golden hour which only made it even more fun to work. Everyone was dressed to impress, there to let their hair down and super friendly which obviously helped with getting some great natural shots. I’m sure the alcohol probably helped that a little as well.  

The organiser, Sarah, had made sure to carve out a time and place for everyone to gather and have a group photo before heading into dinner. She’d made sure this was in the invitations so all the guests were aware ahead of time. I cannot emphasise how helpful this was. Getting a big group shot is a staple for this kind of event and letting people know a fixed time and defined location before hand means it is easier to gather everyone together. This is something I always advise to do. No matter how big your group is if you’re missing a person or two its just not the same and getting that big group shot is such a great memory. 

If you’re looking for someone to cover your next event, whether it be corporate or private, you can reach me on hello@niccipeet.co.uk or via the contact page.

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