Wilkins Cider

Back on a hot September day I paid Roger Wilkins, Cider King and owner of Wilkins Cider, a visit and wrote about it for Pellicle. It was a glorious day and a real experience. Roger is a huge character, there is no way you can be crowned a king without having a personality to match. I learnt a lot about cider and came away with a greater appreciation of traditional farmhouse. But I also learnt about how in decline traditional cider farms in Somerset, the home of farmhouse cider. Roger reckons he’ll only be in business for another two years as he has no one interested in taking over his farm. He’ll continue to make cider for himself and his locals as he’s a cider man through and through but you’ll have to visit him to try his delicious delicious cider. 

You can read the full article on their site and see the rest of the photos here.

IndyMan 2019 and some thoughts

On Thursday and Friday I was lucky enough to go to my first IndyMan and it was a blast. I drank a lot, but not nearly all, the great beer on offer. Hung out with some of the Crafty Beer Girls. Poured (and drank) many thirds of OverWorks and by proximity Track & By The River. Met some lovely people. Had an all round good time.  I Wish I could have stayed longer and hang out in the absolute belter of a city that is Manchester and see all the people I missed, but its my Mum’s birthday weekend so I had to head back down South. 

 If I’m working at a festival and I’m there multiple days I only every really have one big drinking day and I’d decided that was Friday. Thursday I’d been up since 5:30am and spent most of the Thursday session serving on the OverWorks bar. Friday I’d intended to drink a lot of beer and hang out after the festival late into the night but this time I just wasn’t feeling excessive drinking. I still tasted a lot of bloody good beer but only had one pint at Port Street Beer House and went back to the Air BnB once it shut. I still had a great time but woke up sans hangover. 

I’m not here to sound preachy because I can guarantee that I’ll drink to excess sometime in the future but this year I’ve been more conscious of my drinking and was just nice to experience a festival in a different way. Anyway, I had a great time and I’ll definitely be back! 

TL;DR - didn’t get really drunk at a beer festival and still had a good time. 

Bristol Craft Beer Festival

My FOURTH beer festival of the year was Bristol Craft Beer Festival which is always a highlight for me. I’ve attended and photographed every year since they began and am always happy when the organisers, We Are Beer, invited me back. I’m biased but its always a highlight in the Bristol beer scene each year and I’m already looking forward to the next.

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